Monday, October 8, 2007

Finally- a Finished Object! Woohoo!

I recently cranked out a scarf for my dad's birthday. Fittingly, it's bright gold/yellow and typically, it will be a week late. Behold!

A Scarf Askew
by Emily Elizabeth Gifford

Yarn: Malabrigo worsted in goldy-yellowy goodness

Needles: size 8

Mods: I knit about 1/3 of the scarf before I finally accepted the fact that the stockinette edge looked like crap, so I ripped the whole thing and put a 2 sts garter row on each side. I'm sure this won't help with the curling that much, but it sure looks better.

Feelings: This is a good, easy knit. The pattern was easy to memorize and read. I knit most of it during various Patriot games over the course of a few weekends. It was enough to keep me occupied without worrying about missing a stitch when the Pats scored (which was often).

Reason for the color: My dad went to CU and has recently been reliving his glory days with a CU license plate and other goodies. He also just got a nice black coatfor travelling on his jobs, so this will work for the whole black-and-gold theme.

I will be boxing it up and sending to Dad tomorrow after the holiday weekend. I hope he likes it!

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